A well-designed garden not only provides a comfortable, enjoyable space, but also adds to the value of your property. When renovating outdoor spaces in Worthing and the surrounding areas, it pays to hire professional garden designers and landscape gardeners. Dominic Richards Landscaping & Design Ltd ensures customers get the most from their homes. With many years’ experience in the industry, we provide practical, cost-effective services covering soft and hard landscaping. As skilled horticulturalists, woodworkers and patio designers, we deliver expert solutions on every project.


There are numerous benefits to hiring professional landscapers, such as us, for your garden renovation, including:



With over 50 years’ combined experience, our team has the knowledge and skills to deliver every aspect of garden design to the highest standard. We know how to tailor spaces to individual requirements, advising on the practicalities of every site.


As qualified horticulturalists and landscape gardeners, we understand how to work with all different soil types and climates, providing suitable plant and drainage options. We are also adept at solving any issues which may occur during landscaping work, such as water-logged soil, rocks, pipework and complex tree root systems.


Having been working as garden designers for many years, we find the best solutions for every space in Worthing and Sussex, consulting with customers to design ideal gardens which incorporate the perfect mix of soft and hard landscaping elements.


Cost-Effective Projects


Striving to provide outstanding customer service, we offer cost-effective solutions which ensure you get the most from your space. Agreeing a budget at the beginning of the design process, we source materials, products and plants with this in mind. Wherever possible, we remain in budget, consulting with customers should any unexpected costs arise.


There are many factors to consider when undergoing garden renovations, including drainage, electrical work, paving and fencing. Without professional guidance, homeowners often overlook certain aspects, resulting in extra costs and imperfect designs.


With specialist knowledge, our team of garden and patio designers, landscapers and carpenters provide customers with stress-free projects which save them time and money.


Increased Property Value


Unlike DIY landscaping, our professional landscape designers ensure every aspect of your garden, from hard landscaping features to flowerbeds, is finished to the highest standard. As skilled garden designers and patio designers, we make sure outdoor spaces complement the style of homes and neighbourhoods in Worthing. This results in aesthetically pleasing finishes which are attractive to potential buyers.


Even if you are not looking to sell anytime soon, our landscape gardeners ensure customers enjoy their homes to their full potential.

Contact us on 07852 770673 to discover the benefits we provide as professional landscape gardeners in Worthing and the surrounding Sussex areas.

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