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Real Turf the smell of a freshly cut lawn. Understanding the importance of a good-looking turf. It’s essentially an impression of your garden, and everyone loves a pretty garden.

Maybe the weeds have taken over, the lawn is patchy because of the dog or where the children have been on their garden swing. Whatever the reason our team of experienced and qualified experts are can help make you love your lawn again.

Whether you decide you need the whole lawn re-turfed or just parts of it, Dominic Richards can advise on the best course of action for a lawn turf service.

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Turf Supply and INstallation

Some of our lawn services include:

Site Clearance - we clear any existing grass and garden waste from the area that is to be turfed

Soil Preparation - we then rotate or dig through to loosen and flatten the soil bed for a good 'take'

Laying - we only use quality turf which we will discuss with you

Edging - flowerbeds can be cut out of the newly laid turfed area

Watering - to help the turf get established

Lawn Cutting - After about 4 weeks your new lawn is likely to be ready for its first cut which we will be happy to do

If you feel there is no hope for your turf and you need some help then we can also offer two types of turfing services:

New Lawns

For a new house or after builders have completed a renovation or where no grass has existed before. The ground to be turfed needs preparing, and leveling.


When an old lawn needs replacing, or parts of the lawn needs to be replace, the old grass will need to be dug out before the ground can be prepared and levelled.Our team can help you pick the best artificial grass for you and your garden making sure your garden looks clean, fresh and modern.

We have gained a very positive and reputable reputations with our customers and always thrive to complete our services with the exceptional standard our customers know and love, leaving them will all expectations exceeded.