As the foundation of garden designs, soft landscaping is an important aspect of outdoor projects. With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, our landscape gardeners find the perfect solution for every space and requirement in Worthing, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Horsham and Hove. Striving to create practical, attractive and lasting gardens, we provide all soft landscape services to the highest standard.


No matter the size of your project, every customer receives the same close attention to detail and professional approach in order to achieve ideal results. Working closely with every client, we fulfil all individual needs.


As fully qualified horticulturalists and landscape gardeners, Dominic and Darren deliver expert advice and solutions to make the most of your garden. Our soft landscaping services include:


• Garden Design

• Planting Trees, Hedges, Shrubs & Flowers

• Bedding

• Turfing

• Topsoils & Subsoils

• Cultivating & Seeding

• Garden Maintenance

• Pond Works


Supplying only the highest quality plants and materials, we ensure every garden has the right mix and heights of plants to provide effective depth and shape throughout the year. Combining soft and hard landscaping elements, we deliver stylish, functional spaces which will be the envy of your neighbourhood.



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Whether your whole lawn needs re-turfing, or just certain patches, we offer expert turf supply and installation to return gardens in Worthing, Horsham and Hove to their former glory. Our lawn services include:


• Site Clearance

• Soil Preparation

• Laying & Edging

• Watering & Cutting


Ensuring every customer receives the best solutions, we closely discuss specific needs to supply the most appropriate type of turf. As well as replacing existing lawns, we lay new turf where there has not previously been grass. This involves preparing and leveling the ground before turfing.


Hard Landscaping in Worthing

An important part of garden designs in Brighton, Burgess Hill and Sussex is choosing suitable plants for each space. This will depend on a number of factors, such as the conditions of your garden and the style you are hoping to achieve.


With expert knowledge of native and foreign plants, our landscape gardeners find ideal solutions for every project. Whether you require privacy screening, soft edges to hard landscaping features, border hedges or decorative plants, we supply and plant all kinds of shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers.


Working with customers in Worthing, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Horsham and Hove, we make sure garden layouts and features meet expectations and requirements


No matter your soft landscaping needs, Dominic Richards Landscaping & Design Ltd has the knowledge and skills to deliver versatile, cost- effective solutions which create ideal spaces. From seasonal flowers and new hedgerows to contract and one-off garden maintenance, we provide every service you could possibly require.

Call us on 07852 770673 for professional soft landscaping in Worthing, Brighton, Burgess Hill, Horsham, Hove and Sussex.

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Hard Landscaping in Worthing
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Hard Landscaping in Worthing