When undertaking landscaping work in Hove and the surrounding areas, our garden designers often find that privacy is a major concern. As experienced landscape gardeners, we are skilled in providing a range of effective solutions which maximise garden privacy. From clever hard landscaping features to carefully selected plant life, we find the perfect option for every space. No matter your needs, out team of patio designers and landscapers ensure you get the most from your garden.


There are many ways we can add privacy to an outdoor space. Whether you want to shield your garden from view of the neighbours, or from passers-by, we are adept at installing various features which provide effective results. This includes:

Privacy Planting – Clever soft landscaping, such as privacy planting, is a great way to shield your garden while maintaining a natural look. By strategically planting evergreens, such as privet hedges and Italian cypress trees, our landscape gardeners create year-round screening which is easy to maintain.


Privacy planting is also useful around patios and decking. There are a variety of plants which are suitable for this purpose, including bamboo. As skilled patio designers we can incorporate plant borders and screens into plans for maximum effect.


Layered Planting – For larger gardens in Hove, a mix of evergreen and deciduous trees, perennials and shrubs creates an aesthetically pleasing, natural design. The variety of depth, colour and texture offers sufficient privacy as well as beautiful style.


Fences & Walls – Providing a range of hard landscaping services, we are adept at building and installing all types of garden walls and fencing. With extensive woodwork skills, our garden designers supply picket, trellis and panel fencing, along with any other style you require. Different designs provide varying levels of privacy, meaning there is an ideal solution for every space.


With years of experience, our landscape gardeners advise on the best option for individual requirements in Hove, Worthing and the surrounding areas.


Water Features – Although water features won’t offer any visual privacy, the ambient noise of fountains, water bowls and similar additions help make conversations more private by masking speech. Our garden designers advise on suitable options for your space, creating effective garden layouts.


Pergolas – A great addition to many outdoor spaces, pergolas offer privacy from all angles. This makes them especially popular in gardens which are overlooked by neighbouring properties. Our patio designers can include pergolas in hard landscaping plans. They are available in a range of styles to suit every taste and requirement.

If you need landscaping services which provide privacy, comfort and style in Hove and the surrounding areas, contact us today on 07852 770673.

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