Patios are a great way to transform an outdoor space, providing practical and attractive areas in gardens of every size. Whether you require a dining area or a relaxing space to spend summer evenings, we have the ideal solution. To ensure gardens meet customer needs, it is important to choose the right materials for every project. Our experienced patio designers supply a variety of options, advising on the most suitable material for every application. Hard landscaping features are an excellent addition to gardens in Burgess Hill and the surrounding areas, complementing the soft elements our landscape gardeners provide.


With many years’ experience as garden designers, we have the knowledge and skills to construct all kinds of patio styles and finishes. Working with customers to come up with ideal plans for every space, we supply high-quality materials to best suit individual needs. Some popular options include:

Sandstone – Supplying Cheshire Sandstone products, our patio designers offer a variety of sandstone options for elegant designs which complement traditional and contemporary styles. A hardwearing and weather-resistant material, sandstone provides a natural finish which stands the test of time.


Slate – Available in a range of distinctive colours, from deep blues and blacks to light greys, slate is a great option for sleek, modern hard landscaping projects.


Porcelain Paving – Porcelain paving is an incredibly diverse material. With a range of colours, finishes and style options, including wood-effect, porcelain is a great option for a vast number of projects. It is also highly durable and low-maintenance, making it highly popular with customers in Burgess Hill and Sussex.


Concrete – A cost-effective material which has maintained its popularity throughout the years, concrete is a sturdy and long-lasting option requiring minimal upkeep. Our garden designers can even provide concrete printing for a variety of finishes.


Block Paving – Block paving is another versatile choice which our landscape gardeners install in a variety of patterns, such as herringbone and basket weave designs. A strong material, block pavers can withstand heavy traffic and loads, making them great for driveways as well as garden patios.


Travertine – Stone which improves with age, travertine paving maintains its natural colour and offers a non-slip surface, a feature which our garden designers find is especially useful if customers plan on using patios year-round. It is also strong and hardwearing, ideal for busy gardens in Burgess Hill.


Whatever your needs, our patio designers and landscape gardeners work hard to provide ideal results. Striving for complete customer satisfaction, we carefully design soft and hard landscaping elements to work perfectly together in every space.

Contact our patio designers on 07852 770673 for more information about the range of materials available, and to discuss the best options for your garden in Burgess Hill.

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