Artificial grass has become increasingly popular over recent years due to the variety of benefits it offers. As the regional supplier and installer of Perfectly Green, a leading artificial lawn company, our landscape gardeners have thorough experience providing effective alternative solutions. Available in a range of options, artificial grass meets a number of different needs in Brighton and Sussex. Ideal for spaces of every size, and perfectly complementing low-maintenance hard landscaping features, fake grass is an ideal choice for many properties. As skilled garden designers and patio designers, we advise on the most suitable products for individual requirements.


To discover how artificial turf could be an excellent choice for your outdoor space, get in touch with Dominic Richards Landscaping and Design Ltd. Below we have provided some of the advantages our customers enjoy:

No Need to Water


Unlike real lawn, artificial grass does not require watering. To keep real grass in good condition, it ideally needs watering twice a day. This either requires customers to water it themselves, which can be bothersome, or to invest in a sprinkler system. With artificial grass, you save time as well as money on water bills.


This makes artificial lawns an excellent accompaniment to hard landscaping aspects, such as patios, driveways and garden paths, because they each require minimal maintenance. Our landscape gardeners and patio designers advise on the best solutions for every space, so please get in touch to discuss your options with our friendly team.


No Weeds


One of the biggest problems of natural lawns is the growth of unwanted weeds. To prevent weeds taking over the area, it is necessary to remove them, either manually or with specialist solutions. Weeds are often a cause of frustration with many homeowners in Brighton, but with artificial grass, they are never a problem.


As experienced garden designers, we always take individual needs into account, suggesting the most effective solutions for every space. Whether you have no time for regular weeding, or just want a hassle-free garden design, we deliver ideal results.


Child and Pet Safe


A key concern for customers in Brighton, Worthing and Sussex is creating an outdoor space which is safe for children and pets. Because artificial grass does not require chemicals, in the form of fertilisers or pesticides, you have complete peace of mind that children and animals are safe.


As skilled patio designers and landscape gardeners, we design all kinds of gardens for specific requirements. This includes low-maintenance spaces. Combining artificial grass with hard landscaping features, such as patios and decking, we create practical, comfortable and attractive spaces which meet a variety of needs.


Our team of garden designers approach every project with the same level of professionalism and commitment, ensuring you receive the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction.

For specialist garden designers and landscapers in Brighton and Sussex, call Dominic Richards Landscaping & Design Ltd on 07852 770673.

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