The fashion of artificial grass…

Artificial grass has been around for nearly 45 years but yet had a slow start in taking off, especially in the UK but yet was very popular in the States and Middle East.


Slowly the tables have turned, along with this has come the love for artificial grass. Since B&Q launched their first synthetic grass back in spring 2010 more than 7,000 square metres sold in a matter of weeks. It also made its debut at the Chelsea Flower show in 2010, despite some negative comments.


People complain because in some cases the grass looks too good to be true, like some supernatural source has blessed someone’s garden but in actual fact its just ‘fake turf’, we think the key to realism is finding a turf that doesn’t look to perfect and has that ‘real’ look because after all what’s more fitting than a lawn with a few imperfections?


When you’re looking into artificial grass always ask for samples- there’s nothing worse than having an instalment and not loving the final product. This goes for any interest in artificial grass because you want to know how it feels on the foot etc. check the colour, every factor needs to be considered.


So, when will I feel the benefits of artificial grass?

Well, have you ever been gardening all day? Knees aching? Have you got children that love playing outside? When they fall or play ball games, anything will just make it so much easier and care free for the children and yourselves.


You’ll also feel the benefits when it comes to maintaining the grass, mowing the lawn, seeding, all of the annoying maintenance that comes with having a real lawn.


Can you lay it yourself?

Recently, 50% of clients themselves now lay around artificial grass. Artificial grass is much like Carpet lying as it has a directional pile- so you must make sure it’s all running the same way. It is also vital to have the edges closely butted up before gluing them to the joining tape. Most suppliers will always give decent information to help make your project as easy as possible.


Before you do anything!

Obviously the main benefit of artificial grass is that it can be laid on anything; concrete, sand, earth and even decking. But, what comes with this is the fact that the surface isn’t uniformly smooth- you’d need to add an underlay of sand.


Paying the same for your tans as your turf…

Obviously this is going to throw you… so I can pay the same for my fake turf as I do my Fake Bake? Ok, not quite. Like you do for your tans etc. you pay a little more for realism, most luxury brands are around £25-£30 a square metres and this price is pretty much doubled if you want it installed (but you’ll notice that the job will be done well). But, you can pay as little as £10 per square metre- but, do you want a putting green or a Sunday league football pitch?


Maintaining the lawn

Although the benefits of maintenance were mentioned earlier, well obviously like anything your artificial grass will need maintaining- just a quick sweep away of all the leaves and also the odd weed and moss that starts to grow through can be dealt with in a matter of moments. Any marks that seem to arise as well can be cleaned with a non-bleaching household detergent.


Environmental winner

Artificial grass does away with much of the persistent consumption of hungry lawns: water usage, fertiliser, moving powder etc.


New turfs are now in the development for using recycled materials… even more environmentally friendly!


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