Ten Top Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer​

Summer means that we can all enjoy spending more time in our outdoor living spaces. Whether you use your garden for a social hub of entertaining with endless BBQs and cocktail parties or want a space to relax and unwind under the summer sun alone. Perhaps you want to feel inspiration from the summer blooms for your latest art project or mindfulness or maybe take pride in growing vegetables, whatever you plan for your outdoors, your garden needs maintenance to get it ready for summer so you can enjoy the warmer months to the fullest. Here are our top ten tips to get your garden ready for a great summer ahead. 

Freshen Up
Collect of the dead leaves and debris that is scattered across your garden and cut back any overgrown hedges or creeping plants. Blowing away the cobwebs of winter in your garden is only a small task but will instantly give you feel-good vibes.

Hose your patio down or scrub your decking area to give a bright and fresh appearance that looks clean and inviting. Get rid of the moss and green-grey stains and restore the colour and life in your seating areas. 

Install A Water Butt
Should we have a warm summer, hosepipe bans may even come into effect. To keep your garden looking lush, you need a backup supply of water. Having a water butt to collect rainwater will allow you to water your garden with ease and will cut down your water bills, particularly if you are on a water meter. 

Clear Out The Shed
Anything that a mouse has got to or the winter weather has damaged, get rid or repair it. Empty your shed so you can reduce unnecessary clutter, then when you have decided what to keep in the shed consider installing some storage solutions to keep your shed tidy and your stuff accessible. 

Mow The Lawn
One of the most hated gardening tasks, however, it will make your garden look much neater and prettier. Want a lawn but don’t want the effort? Why not invest in artificial grass, all of the beauty of a lawn without the hard work. 

Buy Some Flowers
An excellent way to spruce up your garden is to add some flowers to stylish planters or hanging baskets. Pansies and petunias are relatively cheap but will give you a splash of colour and make you feel better about your space.

Plant Climbers
Is your shed or garage looking tired or dated? Is your fence or garden wall ugly? Then camouflage the area with some beautiful climbers. You can choose practical climbers like runner beans, beautiful floral options such as wisteria or clematis or for children, let them plant some sunflowers and watch how tall they can grow. 

Add Lighting
Solar lights will add to the character of your garden and allow you to enjoy the space after the sun goes down. There are many options of garden lighting to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Add Your Favourite Seating
Your garden is an extension of your living space, so make sure you make it a place where you want to spend time. For alfresco dining, add a dining table, for laidback summer chilling consider a hammock or beanbags. Whatever your style, make your garden a place you want to be. 

Consider what is most rewarding for your garden and make it fit your needs and styles. If you would love to entertain but don’t like gardening, scrap the flower beds and create a BBQ area. If you want a place to retreat, add a trellis, plant climbers and trees and install a bench to create your own separate secret garden space. Whatever your garden space, make it yours. 

Give Us A Call
If getting your garden ready for summer is too much hard work, then give us a call for garden design and maintenance. We can create your perfect summer space with our skilled garden designers in Brighton and beyond. We’d be happy to make your garden your perfect space so you can get the most out of summer.​




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