Foodscaping: How To Grow An Amazing Edible Garden


The hottest trend in gardening that is sweeping the UK and beyond by storm is that of ‘Foodscaping’. Foodscaping is the latest buzzword which is where you transform your garden or outside space into a food growing success. As well as foodscaping, the term ‘edible landscaping’ is also being used as the best way to create an imaginative and creative landscape where you really can profit and eat the fruits of your labour.

Edible landscaping is brilliant, it allows you to cut the costs of your groceries, control what you eat through which chemicals you use or choose not to use and there is nothing more rewarding than the satisfaction of tucking into the produce that your grown and tended to yourself. We all have that ‘Good Life’ fantasy, and now it is bigger than ever.

Unlike the seventies sitcom where Tom and Barbara destroyed their well-manicured garden to create a mud pit; edible landscaping allows you to retain the beauty of your garden while using practical plants that will support each other, work in your environment and, most importantly, feed you. If you’re looking for an interesting landscape garden in Brighton and beyond, talk to us for our best stylish foodscaping ideas.

Five Best Reasons To Foodscape Your Garden



Avoid chemically-modified products



Great quality products that taste better than supermarket offerings



It is thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable



Take control of the food you eat



Your garden will be pretty, practical and have value.


Three Best Plants For A Foodscape Garden





Gourmet lettuces and fresh packs of salad can cost a fortune in the supermarket and almost always half of the packet are wasted. By growing your own lettuces and greens, you can simply snip off the leaves that you want, retaining freshness and great taste and avoiding the soggy wilting leaves in the fridge.

What’s great about growing lettuces is that they’re very easy and once snipped, the plant will continue to produce more leaves. Lettuces also give incredible colour and texture to a garden and work as a border plant or in window boxes. Opt for a mix of colours and leaves to keep your salad interesting and your garden vibrant with full richly coloured leaves.





As berries are another item that is costly at the supermarket, however, incredibly easy to grow yourself. Berry plants are relatively compact which makes them ideal to place in beautifully decorated pots. Another advantage of berries is their short lifespan when you buy them, picking them straight off the bush means instant freshness and sweetness, and you can be sure that they haven’t been covered in chemicals to prolong their life.

Berry plants are a beautiful edition to a garden with delicate flowers and brightly coloured fruit. Opt for unusual varieties such as alpine white strawberries which have a distinctive pineapple flavour or the Delizz strawberry which is ever so sweet and produces fruit all summer long or Baby Cakes, which is a thornless dwarf blackberry plant.





To give your garden a beautiful aroma in the warm evenings, opt for a selection of herb plants. Herb plants are extraordinarily beneficial to your garden and ecosystem as a whole as they attract pollinators such as bees. Herb plants are incredibly versatile and work in pots, borders on in a dedicated herb garden. Most herbs will just keep growing and thriving in the environment, so you will always have to perfect seasoning for whatever is cooking in the kitchen.

If you want to find out more about landscape gardening and foodscaping, then please get in touch where we can transform your ideas into a beautiful and satisfying edible landscape.  

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