How To Attract More Wildlife Into Your Garden


There is nothing quite as peaceful and beautiful as the sound of birdsong in your garden. Many of us want to go a step further and increase the number of species of birds in our gardens so that we can see more than just the odd pigeon when we sit outside. Encouraging wildlife in your garden not only gives you new sights and sounds to marvel at but can also improve your garden too.

Why Should We Attract Wildlife?

Attracting wildlife to your garden is a great achievement, and it is vital that as many of us as possible provide a safe haven for wildlife. The growing urban areas and farmland infringement are reducing wildlife habitats which are threatening species and causing many problems for British wildlife.

One species in decline is the bee. Bees play a vital role in the ecosystem and are essential for our food production too. To keep our ecosystem functioning, we can adapt our gardens to favour wildlife which will also improve the look of the backyard too.

Three Ways To Attract Wildlife Into Your Garden

  1. Add a pond

One of the best ways to draw a variety of animals into your garden is to provide water. A pond gives animals a drinking station but can also help water-dwelling animals and water colonising plants.

A water feature is also an attractive garden addition, which can be embellished with a fountain or stream style passageway to the pond. Ponds should be gently shelving to allow wildlife to enter and leave the water safely.

Water plants can also be a highly attractive feature with brightly coloured lilies, delicate water hyacinths and bold marsh marigolds.

  1. Add flowers

Flowers are essential for bees, butterflies and insects and well as providing shelter for smaller animals on the ground.

Where possible, choose wildflowers and native plants that contain pollen and nectar. The joy of adding wildlife-attracting flowers is that your garden will be filled with bright blooms from early spring until autumn.

Choose crocus and daffodils in the spring, coneflower and lavender in the summer and daisies and ivy in the autumn. It gives you the benefit of watching your garden transform throughout the season with different colours and the many different animals and insects your garden will attract.

  1. Provide a home for birds

One of the easiest ways to attract wildlife into your garden is to encourage birds. Adding bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths will give your garden a welcoming feel to garden birds.

Make sure that your garden provides adequate shelter and protection such as a hedge or tree and that birds and their feeders are out of the reach of cats. With bird feeders, you may also attract squirrels that will finish off all of the food supplies, so consider a squirrel-proof feeder.

Some of the best foods for birds include sunflower hearts, peanuts, seeds and fat balls and by adding these to your gardens, you may save many birds from starvation during the harsh winter months.  

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