Three Easy Ways To Create A Garden That Is Perfect For Entertaining



As the weather improves, the days get longer and summer sunshine visits there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than sitting outside in the garden with your friends and family. To make sure your summer socialising gets off to a great start, it is wise to create the perfect setting that will set you at ease and be the envy of all of your guests. Don’t worry, getting your garden summer ready doesn’t have to mean weekends of back-breaking work. You can make your garden the perfect setting for fun social gatherings with clever garden design tricks



Use The Landscape To Your Advantage


The landscape of your garden can be used with skill at summer socialising events if you are expecting a big crowd of revellers in your garden you want as much space as possible. So try to create the biggest space you can by having features at the sides and back of your garden rather than in the middle.

If you prefer smaller events, then you can be really creative with the space, such as having a decking island in the middle of your garden. This allows you marvel at the views all the way around and bring the focus to the dining area in the middle. If you love BBQs set up a perfect space that allows you to BBQ and is slightly away from the main socialising area to avoid smoking your guests.

If you want your garden to be the perfect place to host parties, get in touch with our landscape garden design team in Brighton for some creative space ideas that will give you the entertaining space you’ve been dreaming of.



Create Zones


Having zones and sections to your garden helps to give the space depth and, in some cases, can make it look even bigger. Consider the use of a patio or decking area if you want to give your garden a revamp but if you are looking for a quick and easy fix you can create zones so keep all of you guests entertained and maximise the use of your space.

If you want a formal dining space, choose the right table and chairs for your design and zone of the area with strings of fairy lights and trellises to give the dining area privacy and make it easy to converse.

For a children’s play area consider using colourful flowerpots to separate their playing area away from the grown-up’s space so that their boisterous nature is contained. Another way to zone this area is to use washing lines and translucent sheets that can create a magical space for their imaginations but allows you to keep an eye on them. With landscape garden design you can be really creative to allow you to achieve the perfect space for each gathering you host.



Create Multiple Seating Zones


For your garden to cater for every event, it is a great idea to have multiple seating areas. For lazy summer BBQs choose beanbags or large scatter cushions for a laid back festival vibe. If you never have the time for your garden, opt for a garden bench that gives you the chance to take a few moments in your garden, even if it’s just for a cup of tea.

If you like dinner parties, choose a sturdy garden set complete with parasol and matching chairs to ensure your dinner parties are always perfectly presented. Have fun with garden lighting too, from torch style candles around the borders, fairy lights above, tea lights in jam jars on the tables and solar-powered lanterns to show people the way. 

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