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Ten Top Tips To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer​

Summer means that we can all enjoy spending more time in our outdoor living spaces. Whether you use your garden for a social hub of entertaining with endless BBQs and cocktail parties or want a space to relax and unwind under the summer sun alone. Perhaps you want to feel inspiration from the summer blooms for your latest art project or mindfulness or maybe take pride in growing vegetables, whatever you plan for your outdoors, your garden needs maintenance to get it ready for summer so you can enjoy the warmer months to the fullest. Here are our top ten tips to get your garden ready for a great summer ahead. Freshen UpCollect of the dead leaves and debris that is scattered across your garden and cut back any overgrown hedges or creeping plants. Blowing away the cobwebs of winter in your garden is only a small task but will instantly give you feel-good vibes.JetwashHose your patio down or scrub your decking area to give a bright and fresh appearance that looks clean and inviting. Get rid of the moss and green-grey stains and restore the colour and life in your seating areas. Install A Water ButtShould we have a warm summer, hosepipe bans may even come into effect. To keep your garden looking lush, you need a backup supply of water. Having a water butt to collect rainwater will allow you to water your garden with ease and will cut down your water bills, particularly if you are on a water meter. Clear Out The ShedAnything that a mouse has got to or the winter weather has damaged, get rid or repair it. Empty your shed so you can reduce unnecessary clutter, then when you have decided what to keep in the shed consider installing some storage solutions to keep your shed tidy and your stuff accessible. Mow The LawnOne of the most hated gardening tasks, however, it will make your garden look much neater and prettier. Want a lawn but don’t want the effort? Why not invest in artificial grass, all of the beauty of a lawn without the hard work. Buy Some FlowersAn excellent way to spruce up your garden is to add some flowers to stylish planters or hanging baskets. Pansies and petunias are relatively cheap but will give you a splash of colour and make you feel better about your space.Plant ClimbersIs your shed or garage looking tired or dated? Is your fence or garden wall ugly? Then camouflage the area with some beautiful climbers. You can choose practical climbers like runner beans, beautiful floral options such as wisteria or clematis or for children, let them plant some sunflowers and watch how tall they can grow. Add LightingSolar lights will add to the character of your garden and allow you to enjoy the space after the sun goes down. There are many options of garden lighting to suit all tastes and budgets. Add Your Favourite SeatingYour garden is an extension of your living space, so make sure you make it a place where you want to spend time. For alfresco dining, add a dining table, for laidback summer chilling consider a hammock or beanbags. Whatever your style, make your garden a place you want to be. EnjoyConsider what is most rewarding for your garden and make it fit your needs and styles. If you would love to entertain but don’t like gardening, scrap the flower beds and create a BBQ area. If you want a place to retreat, add a trellis, plant climbers and trees and install a bench to create your own separate secret garden space. Whatever your garden space, make it yours. Give Us A CallIf getting your garden ready for summer is too much hard work, then give us a call for garden design and maintenance. We can create your perfect summer space with our skilled garden designers in Brighton and beyond. We’d be happy to make your garden your perfect space so you can get the most out of summer.​   

Foodscaping: How To Grow An Amazing Edible Garden​

 The hottest trend in gardening that is sweeping the UK and beyond by storm is that of ‘Foodscaping’. Foodscaping is the latest buzzword which is where you transform your garden or outside space into a food growing success. As well as foodscaping, the term ‘edible landscaping’ is also being used as the best way to create an imaginative and creative landscape where you really can profit and eat the fruits of your labour.Edible landscaping is brilliant, it allows you to cut the costs of your groceries, control what you eat through which chemicals you use or choose not to use and there is nothing more rewarding than the satisfaction of tucking into the produce that your grown and tended to yourself. We all have that ‘Good Life’ fantasy, and now it is bigger than ever.Unlike the seventies sitcom where Tom and Barbara destroyed their well-manicured garden to create a mud pit; edible landscaping allows you to retain the beauty of your garden while using practical plants that will support each other, work in your environment and, most importantly, feed you. If you’re looking for an interesting landscape garden in Brighton and beyond, talk to us for our best stylish foodscaping ideas.Five Best Reasons To Foodscape Your Garden  Avoid chemically-modified products  Great quality products that taste better than supermarket offerings  It is thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable  Take control of the food you eat  Your garden will be pretty, practical and have value. Three Best Plants For A Foodscape Garden  Lettuces Gourmet lettuces and fresh packs of salad can cost a fortune in the supermarket and almost always half of the packet are wasted. By growing your own lettuces and greens, you can simply snip off the leaves that you want, retaining freshness and great taste and avoiding the soggy wilting leaves in the fridge.What’s great about growing lettuces is that they’re very easy and once snipped, the plant will continue to produce more leaves. Lettuces also give incredible colour and texture to a garden and work as a border plant or in window boxes. Opt for a mix of colours and leaves to keep your salad interesting and your garden vibrant with full richly coloured leaves.  Berries As berries are another item that is costly at the supermarket, however, incredibly easy to grow yourself. Berry plants are relatively compact which makes them ideal to place in beautifully decorated pots. Another advantage of berries is their short lifespan when you buy them, picking them straight off the bush means instant freshness and sweetness, and you can be sure that they haven’t been covered in chemicals to prolong their life.Berry plants are a beautiful edition to a garden with delicate flowers and brightly coloured fruit. Opt for unusual varieties such as alpine white strawberries which have a distinctive pineapple flavour or the Delizz strawberry which is ever so sweet and produces fruit all summer long or Baby Cakes, which is a thornless dwarf blackberry plant.  Herbs To give your garden a beautiful aroma in the warm evenings, opt for a selection of herb plants. Herb plants are extraordinarily beneficial to your garden and ecosystem as a whole as they attract pollinators such as bees. Herb plants are incredibly versatile and work in pots, borders on in a dedicated herb garden. Most herbs will just keep growing and thriving in the environment, so you will always have to perfect seasoning for whatever is cooking in the kitchen.If you want to find out more about landscape gardening and foodscaping, then please get in touch where we can transform your ideas into a beautiful and satisfying edible landscape.  ​

How To Attract More Wildlife Into Your Garden​

 There is nothing quite as peaceful and beautiful as the sound of birdsong in your garden. Many of us want to go a step further and increase the number of species of birds in our gardens so that we can see more than just the odd pigeon when we sit outside. Encouraging wildlife in your garden not only gives you new sights and sounds to marvel at but can also improve your garden too.Why Should We Attract Wildlife?Attracting wildlife to your garden is a great achievement, and it is vital that as many of us as possible provide a safe haven for wildlife. The growing urban areas and farmland infringement are reducing wildlife habitats which are threatening species and causing many problems for British wildlife.One species in decline is the bee. Bees play a vital role in the ecosystem and are essential for our food production too. To keep our ecosystem functioning, we can adapt our gardens to favour wildlife which will also improve the look of the backyard too.Three Ways To Attract Wildlife Into Your GardenAdd a pondOne of the best ways to draw a variety of animals into your garden is to provide water. A pond gives animals a drinking station but can also help water-dwelling animals and water colonising plants.A water feature is also an attractive garden addition, which can be embellished with a fountain or stream style passageway to the pond. Ponds should be gently shelving to allow wildlife to enter and leave the water safely.Water plants can also be a highly attractive feature with brightly coloured lilies, delicate water hyacinths and bold marsh marigolds.Add flowersFlowers are essential for bees, butterflies and insects and well as providing shelter for smaller animals on the ground.Where possible, choose wildflowers and native plants that contain pollen and nectar. The joy of adding wildlife-attracting flowers is that your garden will be filled with bright blooms from early spring until autumn.Choose crocus and daffodils in the spring, coneflower and lavender in the summer and daisies and ivy in the autumn. It gives you the benefit of watching your garden transform throughout the season with different colours and the many different animals and insects your garden will attract.Provide a home for birdsOne of the easiest ways to attract wildlife into your garden is to encourage birds. Adding bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths will give your garden a welcoming feel to garden birds.Make sure that your garden provides adequate shelter and protection such as a hedge or tree and that birds and their feeders are out of the reach of cats. With bird feeders, you may also attract squirrels that will finish off all of the food supplies, so consider a squirrel-proof feeder.Some of the best foods for birds include sunflower hearts, peanuts, seeds and fat balls and by adding these to your gardens, you may save many birds from starvation during the harsh winter months.  

Three Easy Ways To Create A Garden That Is Perfect For Entertaining​

  As the weather improves, the days get longer and summer sunshine visits there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than sitting outside in the garden with your friends and family. To make sure your summer socialising gets off to a great start, it is wise to create the perfect setting that will set you at ease and be the envy of all of your guests. Don’t worry, getting your garden summer ready doesn’t have to mean weekends of back-breaking work. You can make your garden the perfect setting for fun social gatherings with clever garden design tricks  Use The Landscape To Your Advantage The landscape of your garden can be used with skill at summer socialising events if you are expecting a big crowd of revellers in your garden you want as much space as possible. So try to create the biggest space you can by having features at the sides and back of your garden rather than in the middle.If you prefer smaller events, then you can be really creative with the space, such as having a decking island in the middle of your garden. This allows you marvel at the views all the way around and bring the focus to the dining area in the middle. If you love BBQs set up a perfect space that allows you to BBQ and is slightly away from the main socialising area to avoid smoking your guests.If you want your garden to be the perfect place to host parties, get in touch with our landscape garden design team in Brighton for some creative space ideas that will give you the entertaining space you’ve been dreaming of.  Create Zones Having zones and sections to your garden helps to give the space depth and, in some cases, can make it look even bigger. Consider the use of a patio or decking area if you want to give your garden a revamp but if you are looking for a quick and easy fix you can create zones so keep all of you guests entertained and maximise the use of your space.If you want a formal dining space, choose the right table and chairs for your design and zone of the area with strings of fairy lights and trellises to give the dining area privacy and make it easy to converse.For a children’s play area consider using colourful flowerpots to separate their playing area away from the grown-up’s space so that their boisterous nature is contained. Another way to zone this area is to use washing lines and translucent sheets that can create a magical space for their imaginations but allows you to keep an eye on them. With landscape garden design you can be really creative to allow you to achieve the perfect space for each gathering you host.  Create Multiple Seating Zones For your garden to cater for every event, it is a great idea to have multiple seating areas. For lazy summer BBQs choose beanbags or large scatter cushions for a laid back festival vibe. If you never have the time for your garden, opt for a garden bench that gives you the chance to take a few moments in your garden, even if it’s just for a cup of tea.If you like dinner parties, choose a sturdy garden set complete with parasol and matching chairs to ensure your dinner parties are always perfectly presented. Have fun with garden lighting too, from torch style candles around the borders, fairy lights above, tea lights in jam jars on the tables and solar-powered lanterns to show people the way. ​

The Fashion of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an innovative feature for gardens- but when did it all start? There's a vast range of styles and these styles continue to grow with the innovation.


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